Recently dubbed "the millennial Kronos," Billboard Chart-topping Sybarite5 is constantly creating new works and bringing unique musical combinations to audiences. Endeavor is an eclectic mix of Sybarite5’s recent commissions and premieres from composers Jessica Meyer, Brandon Ridenour, Steven Snowden, William Britelle, and 2017 Pulitzer finalist Michael Gilbertson. These new works join up with the group’s favorite selections, including tunes from Marc Mellits, Aleksandra Vrebalov, and even the soulful side of John Coltrane. 


Sybarite5 is always on the lookout for new tunes and composers that speak with a unique and relevant voice. Outliers is a celebration of works written for us by our favorite composers and friends we’ve met traveling the world performing the music we love. Sybarite5 plays the music of Andy Akiho, Kenji Bunch, Shawn Conley, Jessica Meyer, Marc Mellits, Brandon Ridenour, Daniel Bernard Roumain, Steven Snowden, and Dan Visconti paired with the group’s favorite works of Armenian folk music, Piazzolla, Barber, and Radiohead.

Coming Together // Future Shock

In today’s turbulent modern world we need to come together more. Sybarite5 is known for bridging genre gaps and bringing unlikely musical combinations together to create unique concert experiences. In Coming Together // Future Shock, Sybarite5 performs music with roots in classical, hip-hop, rock, and the avant-garde. The ensemble includes guest percussion for this concert featuring selections from Future Shock by William Brittelle, and  Rosa Parks by Daniel Bernard Roumain. Rounding out the concert is a new chamber version of John Coltrane’s Alabama, and a haunting performance of Frederic Rzewski’s Coming Together with narrator.


Sybarite5 always moves forward, even when the members look back to their classical roots. Inspired by J.S. Bach’s solo suites, Look Back / Move Forward assembles new suites for today. The centerpiece is a suite pulsing with energy and life commissioned by Sybarite5 from six composers: Kenji Bunch, Eric Byers, Mohammed Fairouz, Daniel Bernard Roumain, Michi Wiancko, & Lev “Ljova” Zhurbin, each asked to contribute one movement. The group’s favorite custom made suites – Radiohead transcriptions, Piazzolla Tangos and Dan Visconti’s Hitchhiker’s Tales – round out this eclectic mix. The Arizona Daily Star declared that Sybarite5 audiences should “expect an experience that will satisfy your inner rock star…” We’ll leave it at that.


Sybarite5 has quickly established a reputation for questioning audiences’ perceptions of “What is music?” and “Who plays what?” Inspired by the alternative band Radiohead, the Quintet continues to push the boundaries of what is concert music. Everything In Its Right Place brings it all full circle in a cohesive showcase of Sybarite5’s regular playlist, including music by Radiohead, Piazzolla, Mozart and Brubeck, as well as groundbreaking new compositions for the group by  Andy Ahiko, Eric Byers, Shawn Conley, and Dan Visconti.


From the moment that their bows hit the strings, Sybarite5 engages the senses and redefines the rules. The Shuffle Effect sets a new standard in audience experience. The traditional set program list is replaced with an iPod containing the group’s repertoire. The program for the concert is determined Live from the stage, as the players press shuffle on the iPod and play whatever piece shows up on the screen. Audiences must be prepared for anything – from Radiohead to Mozart, The Shuffle Effect allows the musicians to showcase their skill, innovation and vibrancy. This group of talented young musicians is changing the face of classical music and redefining how chamber music is performed and enjoyed.