Concerto for Sybarite5 & Orchestra, by Dan Visconti
Two widely acclaimed contemporary peers – American composer Dan Visconti and the classical music rock stars of string quintet Sybarite5 – premiered the first work composed for string quintet and orchestra, Beatbox, in March of 2015. The inspiration for Dan Visconti’s new concerto for Sybarite5 is America’s rich heritage of folk and vernacular styles. The 19-minute work is a journey across a varied musical landscape colored by lyricism, directness of expression, and rhythmic drive. The concerto reflects the energy and free-wheeling spirit of improvisation and ends in a bang. The piece shows off Sybarite5 both as a unit and through emphasis on individual solo playing, with the orchestra’s backbeat propelling the work forward. A rich palette of timbres and special playing techniques infuses the music with the raw, virtuosic character of improvised styles. Above all, the audience is drawn in with a work that is fresh, accessible, and relevant.


Always endeavoring to explore new musical terrain, Sybarite5 joins forces with “hacked” theremins composer & performer Jakub Ciupinski for a stunning, otherworldly collaboration. This first-ever string quintet + theremins program features some of Sybarite5’s favorite new works alongside Jakub’s original compositions for both solo hacked theremins and the entire ensemble.


Sybarite5 partners with GLMMR to present a live multi-media performance of selections from the Radiohead Remixed project. The performance includes visuals from mind-bending 3D video projection artist,  GLMMR – (Aka David Adam Moore)


With So You Think You Can Compose, Sybarite5 brings the energy of So You Think You Can Dance to colleges and universities by partnering with composition departments to create and showcase new student works. The works are performed by Sybarite5 in a live casual concert complete with a panel of judges, and a winner is chosen via live text-to-vote system. So You Think You Can Compose transforms classical music composition into something both relevant and exciting for audiences, composers and performers.

so you think you can composer.png

On So You Think You Can Compose:

“It is distinctive, it is exceptionally well done, and it connects in such meaningful ways with places like Luther where music is so deeply valued.  It offers such meaning and purpose to the student composers.  I cannot even begin to explain how wonderful the performance was. This is one of my most favorite nights of artist and student interaction ever.”

-Tanya Gertz, Luther College



Sybarite5’s most popular touring program, now available with orchestra

Sybarite5 has quickly established a reputation for questioning audiences’ perceptions of “What is music?” and “Who plays what?” Inspired by the alternative band Radiohead, the quintet continues to push the boundaries of what is concert music. Everything In Its Right Place brings it all full circle in a cohesive showcase of Sybarite5’s regular playlist now accompanied by a symphonic orchestra. Selections include music by Piazzolla, as well as fan favorites written for the group by Jessica Meyer,  Piotr Szewczyk, Eric Byers, Shawn Conley, and Dan Visconti.


A ground breaking multimedia performance of Purcell’s opera Dido & Aeneas premiered in Samsung’s state of the art facility at the Time Warner Center in New York City is now scheduling a USA tour.

“A multimedia performance installation of Dido and Aeneas using electronic audio and video equipment alongside live performers to establish the landscape of this human struggle both visually and aurally.

Using audio and video monitors, we get a glimpse into the internal life of these characters, and see what makes them come alive. At some points, the monitors are used to represent the chorus of the piece. The chorus serves two purposes in the piece, both as catalysts, which in this case is the internal voice of the main characters pressing them in one direction or another in the same way that the Ancient Roman Gods would influence individual lives. The other purpose is as confidants or sounding boards. Either way, in this production, they are the internal representation of the main characters’ emotional landscape. The choral moments are all recorded on audio, the idea being that they become bodiless voices inside the heads of the main characters, with accompanying video images that reflect the points of view being sung about. The dance moments, which often accompany the choral singing, are an extension of whatever point of view comes across in the choral section, and the images on the video screens, in essence, become the “dancers”. In general, I feel like there are two points of view given by the chorus- one is the reality of the situation in reality, and the other is the potential dream.”

-Pat Diamond, Director


It doesn’t happen often. A group of young musicians, still in school, jam together, touch some shared vibe, decide to work hard on it and end up in a few years winning an international artists’ competition and then decide to start a music festival.

Forward Festival is the world’s first portable chamber music festival The Festival celebrates the cultural richness of the community, creates new conversations and forges a vibrant path that goes forward in all directions.