Shuffling in NYC, Boston and Sarasota

Hello and happy Spring from Sybarite-land! We are gearing up for some exciting concerts coming up this week. We’ll be returning to Lincoln Center (following our sold-out show at Bruno Walter Auditorium) to play at the new Upper West Side Apple Store. This is exciting for us because we are presenting, The Shuffle Effect, in which we load our repertoire onto an iPod and press the shuffle button and play whatever comes up. So, for obvious reasons, the Apple Store is the ideal place to present this fusion of music and technology. We will also be traveling to Concord, MA (the hometown of our very own Sarah Whitney) this weekend to present the Shuffle Effect there. This will mark our Boston-area debut, and as of now the concert is sold out! We love to perform the Shuffle Effect because of the freshness and immediacy it gives to the concert experience, and we hope to see some of you at these shows. Check out our shows page for all the information! And, as heads-up for our fans in Florida, we are excited to be returning to Sarasota in April 26-May 1, for our third annual residency. We’ll be playing a packed week of shows, bringing The Shuffle Effect, as well as the second edition of our composition program New Music Idol. Stay tuned here for more details… -Laura