Sybarite5 hard at work

Hello fans and friends! Sybarite5 is hard at work preparing for the Concert Artists Guild competition semifinals coming up in a few weeks, but we do have some NYC shows planned this month and we’d love to see you there! On October 5 we will play at the beautiful WMP Concert Hall as part of their Music of our Time series. Individual Sybarites have given many concerts here in the past, but we’re very excited to play here as a group for the first time! And on October 22, we will return to our “home” here in the city, the cell. This will be the first concert of a 3-concert residency that we will hold at the cell this season. We hope you can make it to one or both of these shows!And now to catch you up on some of Sybarite’s other recent activities! After our third year of residency in Aspen, CO as the official Alumni Ensemble for the Aspen Music Festival and School, we headed to Seattle, WA and Minneapolis, MN for the Western Arts Alliance and the Arts Midwest conferences. We were awarded juried showcases at both these conferences, meaning that we got the chance, along with a handful of other groups, to play a showcase performance for the attendees of the conference (presenters, arts managers and artists). We got to meet a lot of interesting people who are involved in the arts in the Pacific northwest and the midwest, which was wonderful. It was heartening to see the arts alive and well all across the country, and to be around such a large group of people who are passionate about it. In Minneapolis, in addition to our juried showcase, we played a show at Cause Bar. This gave us a chance to connect with the community and meet new friends and fans in a city where we had never played. A big thank you to our kickstarter backers for making all of this possible. That’s all for now. Back to rehearsal! Stay tuned for updates from the competition and other autumn goings-on in Sybarite land!