Set List: 10/20/15 Beckley, WV

Beckley Concert AssociationWest Virginia Debut!

The Shuffle Effect

The Rebel- Piotr Szewczyk Escualo- Piazzolla (arr. Bragato/syb5) Hitchhiker's Tales: Dan Visconti -Black Bend -Pedal to the Medal Allemande pour Tout le Monde- Kenji Bunch Milonga del Angel Piazzolla (arr. Bragato/syb5) Paranoid Android- Radiohead (arr. Kim) Weird Fishes- Radiohead (arr. Kim)

Getting Home (I must be) - Jessica Meyer No Surprises- Radiohead (arr. Syb5) Giguely- Ljova Yann's Flight- Shawn Conley Elegy- Edward Elgar Muerte del Angel Piazzolla (arr. Bragato/syb5) *Encore: Heartbreaker- Led Zeppelin (arr. Reed/Syb5)