INTERVIEW: Sybarite5 Offers An Alluring Opening To Fontana Fest (WMUK)

Sarah Whitney and Angela Pickett are two members of Sybarite5 (pronounced SIB-uh-right five), a string quintet with a modern, global sensibility. The group performs tonight in the Dalton Center Recital Hall in Kalamazoo, opening of the Fontana Summer Music Festival. In an interview with Cara Lieurance, Whitney and Pickett explain that the quintet was originally the brainchild of bassist Louis Levitt, who brought them all together at the Aspen Music Festival many years ago. In 2011, Sybarite5 was awarded the top prize at the Concert Artist Guild International Competition in New York. Their newest album, Outliers, was recorded last month and will be released later this year. Tonight's concert will feature new works from the album, mostly written especially for Sybarite5.