PolyPlat Records / IndieHitMaker congratulates Sybarite5: 11 on the Billboard Charts

By Jstringer26. May 2011 02:00PolyPlat Records / IndieHitMaker congratulates Sybarite5 for debuting at #11 on the Billboard Classical Crossover Charts with the bands new album, Disturb the Silence! Sybarite5 joined IndieHitMaker to report live venue sales to Soundscan last year and we're happy to see their new album is selling so well. Take a listen to the album, Disturb the Silence, and if you like it, buy a copy from their bandcamp site as they get a better share of revenue there!

(NOTE: If you are a performing independent artist and want to report your live venue sales to Soundscan for an existing or upcoming CD release, you can sign up for less than $40 here and we'll get you set up as we've done for so many great artists!)